Observer's Program


As required by the IHSA, the ISOA has established an Observer's Program. The purpose of the program is to provide our members with feedback about their performance and to increase the retention of officials. The IHSA in no way will be party to the results of observations.

At this time, the following ISOA members are Observers within the program:


Mike Hutton, Program Coordinator - North & Northwest Suburbs
Mark A. Anderson - North & Northwest Suburbs
Jim Katula - South & Southwest Suburbs
Steve McGriff - Rockford Area
Kevin Moss - Downstate


Only ISOA members will be observed under this progarm. Any member in good standing may request an observation at any time by contacting the observer listed above who is closest to his/her geographic area.


Some key documents related to this program are available for your review below:


Program Outline

Evaluation Form


Please direct any questions, comments, suggestions, or requests for additional information to Mike Hutton.