ISOA Constitution and By-Laws

(Updated 3-5-2018)

Article 1 - Name and Purpose

Section 1

Name: This association shall be known as the Illinois Swimming Official's Association (ISOA).

Section 2

Purpose: The association shall be for educational purposes, programs, and enrichment and shall include the following points:

a) The development and maintenance of the efficient association of officials, well trained in the art of officiating swimming.

b) The sponsorship of clinics, interpretation meetings, a newsletter, and communications to expand the knowledge of officials.

c) The improvement and promotion of swimming as a desirable activity.

d) The promotion of professionalism, good fellowship, mutual interests, and good sportsmanship.


Article 2 - Membership

Section 1

The membership of this association shall consist of swimming officials who are registered with the Illinois High School Association (IHSA), or other properly recognized swimming officials.

Section 2

A member in good standing is one who is properly registered and whose ISOA dues are current.


Article 3 - Officers and Their Duties

Section 1

The officers of the ISOA shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large.

a) The President shall be the chief executive officer of the ISOA. The President will preside over all regular, special, and executive committee meetings. The President will coordinate and supervise all programs, appoint committees and committee chairpersons. The President and one other officer shall sign written obligations, contracts, and shall approve expenditures over $500.00 for the ISOA.

b) The Vice-President shall assist the President in carrying out all of the Presidential responsibilities. The Vice-President shall serve as President in the absence of same. The Vice-President will fill the Presidency vacancy, should one occur.

c) The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining all of the ISOA correspondence, taking the minutes at all meetings, and the issuing of those minutes. A newsletter to the general membership will be published by the Secretary. The Secretary will have a current membership roster and will notify the membership of all meetings. Notification of meetings is to be at least (2) weeks prior to any meeting.

d) The Treasurer shall serve and act with any responsibilities involving the association's money. The Treasurer will issue checks to cover bills as incurred in the operations of the association. A check over $500.00 must be approved by the Executive Committee (as defined in Article 6, Section 1). The Treasurer shall prepare and keep records of all financial transactions. The Treasurer will submit interim financial reports at regular meetings. An annual written financial statement will be presented to the general membership at the Annual Meeting. In addition the Treasurer will maintain a membership roster and will forward a roster to all Officers.

e) The Member At Large shall assist the other officers in carrying out the affairs of the Associaiton as needed to lead special projects, committees, etc.


Article 4 - Elections and Term of Office

Section 1 - Elections

a) The membership in good standing shall elect the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large (the Executive Committee) at the regular meeting held on the Saturday of The Boy's State Championship. The President, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large shall be elected in odd numbered years and the Vice-President and Secretary shall be elected in even numbered years.

b) Nominations shall be made by the Nominating Committee and presented to the membership at the regular meeting held on the Saturday of the IHSA Boy's State Championship. Nominations may be accepted from the floor prior to the elections at the regular meeting held on the Saturday of the IHSA Boy's State Championship.

c) Elections shall be by the simple majority of voting members in good standing, either in attendance at the regular meeting held on the Saturday of the IHSA Boy's State Championship or by properly submitted proxy ballot.


Section 2 - Term of Office

a) The term of office for each of the five officers shall be two (2) years. No officer shallserve more than three (3) terms successively in each elected office. The term of office shall commence on the first day of April following an election.

b) Any vacancy occurring after the regular election shall be filled by Presidential appointment until the next scheduled election for that office. If a Vice-President should need to succeed the President, the assumption would be until the next Presidential election. The then-President will appoint temporary Vice-President for the vacancy.


Article 5 - Meetings

Section 1

The Annual Meeting of the ISOA shall take place on the weekend of the Girl's State Championship each year. A Regular Meeting of the ISOA shall take place on the weekend of the Boy's State Championship each year.


Section 2

Special meetings may be called by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee. Special meetings must also be called by the President and/or Executive Committee upon written request of no less than ten (10) members. Members are encouraged to attend all meetings.


Section 3

The Executive Committee shall meet immediately prior to the Annual and Regular Meeting each year.


Section 4


a) Robert's Rules of Order shall be followed during all meetings of the ISOA. The rules (contained in) shall govern the association in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the rules of order of the association.

b) A quorum shall consist of the number of members in good standing present at the meeting.

c) The ISOA members shall receive notification of regular and annual meeting dates no less than two (2) weeks prior to said meeting.


Article 6 - Committees

Section 1

The Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large. The Executive Committee shall determine the purpose, criteria, and procedure for the Romsted-Drumm Award among its other duties. Any two members of the Executive Committee will audit the books annually before the annual meeting and before a new or re-elected Treasurer assumes office.


Section 2

The Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members, two (2) of which are not on the Executive Committee. They shall be appointed by the President at the Annual Meeting.


Section 3

Special Committees. Special Committees may be appointed to research, report, oversee, and carry out the business or programs of the ISOA. All members in good standing should be willing to serve on special committees.


Article 7 - Constitution and By-Laws

Section 1

This Constitution becomes effective when adopted by the ISOA membership.


Section 2

The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the members in good standing and in attendance.


Section 3

Amendment(s) to the Constitution body must be presented in writing to the President for review with the Executive Committee. Upon review and acceptance by the Executive Committee, said amendment(s) shall then be presented (1st Reading) and discussed at a meeting prior to the meeting at which such amendment(s) is(are) to be voted upon. Should there be changes to the amendment(s), a 2nd reading would be required at the next meeting prior to the meeting to vote on the amendment. This would be the procedure for any Constitution amendment.


Section 4

By-Laws may be changed by motion and vote from the floor.


Article 8 - Disbandment

Section 1

In the event it is necessary to disband the ISOA, a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members in good standing is required. Such a vote will be made through the U.S. Mail with ballot and return envelope supplied by the Secretary. After a final audit, any remaining treasury funds will be distributed equally to all then current members in good standing.



1. The dues are to be set by a majority vote of the membership at the Annual Meeting.


2. The dues shall be payable by September 1st of the current calendar year.


3. Only ISOA members in good standing may receive ISOA officiating materials.


4. ISOA material supplies will be maintained and member supply orders handled by the Treasurer.


5. Proxy Ballot: Any member in good standing may give another member in good standing the right to vote for them, in writing (Proxy). The purpose is to allow all interested members the opportunity to vote for officers and others at the regular meeting of the ISOA at the IHSA Boy's State Championship.

Regarding Proxy ballots: It is important to understand that when you give your proxy to someone, you are NOT instructing them HOW to vote. You are giving them YOUR vote, which they may then cast for whichever candidate they so choose.

A proxy ballot for use in the February, 2020 elections is AVAILABLE HERE. Please download, print and complete it if you wish to give your proxy to another member.


6. Top 15 List: When required to do so by the IHSA, the ISOA will submit a "Top 15" list of officials to the IHSA Official's Department. The procedure for developing this list is as follows:


The entire membership will vote on the Top 15 list. Each paid member would be sent a ballot listing all members and their rating (C, R, or X). Only paid members would be eligible for inclusion on the list. The membership would receive the lists prior to the Girl's and Boy's seasons. Deadline for the receipt of individual Top 15 lists would be printed on the ballot. Each member would then submit his/her personal Top 15 officials. All ballots would be returned to the same location. All ballots would be marked on the envelope Top 15 with a name and return address. All envelopes would not be opened until a committee of at least one (1) officer and up to four (4) additional members could meet to tally the votes. Results of the cumulative Top 15 list would be totaled and sent by the ISOA contact person to the IHSA. This cumulative list would be published for the membership. Any ballots received after the due date would be destroyed unopened.

In the event of a tie for 15th place on the list, the tie will be broken by the ISOA President alone. The President will independently decide which of the names involved in the tie will occupy 15th place, and therefore have his/her name submitted.


7. Observer's Program: The ISOA will establish and maintain an observation program ("the program") as required by the IHSA. The purpose of this program is to improve officiating among ISOA members, achieve consistency in officiating mechanics statewide, and to improve retention of officials.

Criteria for selection as an observer includes: 1) Must be a certified IHSA official; 2) Must attend ISOA observer training program; 3) Must have attended a current season's Rule Interpretation Meeting; 4) Must express a willingness to serve as an observer to both the Program Coordinator and the ISOA President; and, 5) Must support the mission of both the ISOA and IHSA. Final approval for selection as an observer rests with the ISOA President.

A listing of current observers will always be available on the ISOA website, http://www.swimofficials.org. In addition, a waiting list of observers will also be available. The IHSA will offer training for Program Coordinators each July at the Annual Official's Conference, and this individual will then be responsible for training the Association's additional observers.

Observers will be paid a fee of $25.00 per observation by the ISOA, and the ISOA may apply to the IHSA for grant money to defray some of the program costs.

Only ISOA members will be observed, and observers may only observe one official at a time (i.e. Observers can't attend a dual meet and observe both officials working the meet). Also, the observer cannot observe a partner during a meet, he/she must independently conduct the observation as a spectator.

Observations will begin with first-year officials receiving priority, then second-year officials, and so on. Any ISOA member may also request an observation at any time. The Program Coordinator will identify officials who might benefit from an observation, and will contact them via letter to explain the program and its purpose. Officials who desire an observation will then work with observers in his/her area to arrange a date and time based on each other's schedules and availability.

After the observation, the observer will share their feedback with the official. These results will only be discussed and shared by the observer and the official. The only exception to this would be if the official has given consent to have their mechanics video taped for use in future clinics.

A listing of current observers, program details regarding scheduling, feedback forms, and other information is available on the ISOA website.