ISOA Supplies


Supply ordering guidelines:


1) Must be a current member to order.

2) Supplies are always sold at each ISOA meeting.

3) Supplies may also be ordered at any time by sending a request with payment to Treasurer.

4) Shipping charges will be $4.00 per order.

5) If you require an unusual quantity of an item, please call the Treasurer to ensure availability.

6) The ISOA reserves the right to limit quantities of items, and all items may not be available at all times.

7) Members may CLICK HERE to download and print a current order form.


Dual Meet Scorecards $1.00 per pad
Tri Meet Scorecards $1.00 per pad
DQ Cards $2.00 per pad
Pick-Across Cards $0.50 per pad
ISOA Name Badge - MAGNET $10.00 each
ISOA Lapel Pin $3.00 each


NOTE: When the current supply of DQ cards is gone, this item will be discontinued.