Minutes of the Illinois Swimming Official’s Regular Meeting

Saturday, November 23, 2013, New Trier High School


President Mike Hutton called the meeting to order at 9:34 am.


In attendance were officers Mike Hutton, Bill Bavirsha, Phil Dawkins, Al Wienke, Mark Anderson and approximately 30 Association members.


Mike Adams, representing the Illinois Swimming Association, thanked the membership for its  efforts and invited us to attend their Award Banquet at the Diplomat West on 12/9/13. He made reservation forms for the banquet and order forms for ads in the banquet program available to the membership.  Program ad orders can be made to Renee Miller by email at rmiller@fenwickfriars.com.          


Secretary’s Report:  Minutes for the last meeting on 8/17/13 were accepted as read.


Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Al Wienke read the Treasurer’s Report. The current account balance is $3,081.72 and includes the renewal period for 2013/2014 that began 7/5/13. Membership stands at 110 members. Expenses included Sectional Official’s Meeting, score cards, mailings, printing of member’s directory, and website fee.  The report was accepted as read.


Old business:  None.


New business:  Emil Barbato has been added to the awards committee. He and other committee members Mark A. Anderson and Nancy Myer are accepting nominees for Official of the Year, Most Improved, and Rookie of the Year. These should be submitted to any member of that committee no later than 2/1/14. Past recipients and criteria for the awards can be viewed at:



Todd Mueller has been added to the nominating committee for Association officers. He and other committee members Patt Chase and Mike Hutton will be accepting nominations for the ISOA offices of Vice President and Secretary through the next regular Association meeting which will be held at Evanston High School on 3/1/14.


A Facebook page (ILSwimOffAssn

) and a Twitter account (@isoa2013) for the ISOA are now up and running.


Joe Plack will be conducting a Level 2 clinic on 1/12/14 at Glenbrook South HS. Please let him know of your intent to attend this clinic by contacting him at: h.joseph.plack25@gmail.com.


Nancy Myer spoke of opportunities to observe age group diving. There are invitational meets at Northwestern on12/7/13 and at Brown Deer, WI on 1/18-19/14. Other meets can be found here: https://secure.meetcontrol.com/divemeets/system/index.php.


Mike Hutton brought up some rule situations that have arisen this season. The first has to do with illegal attire and jewelry being worn during warm-ups.  Warm-up sessions before or during a meet are not to be officiated – any and all attire, combinations of attire and jewelry are not our concern during warm-ups.


The next situation arose during a sectional meet.  A meet was conducted using eight lanes, and the Meet Referee was told by two other Meet Referees that Sectional meets must always be conducted using six lanes.  This is not true!  It never has been.  Any or all legal, available lanes may be used at the discretion of meet management, be it six, eight, ten, twelve or some other number.


The last situation addressed commemorative attire (pink breast cancer hats, memorial caps, special suits, etc.) being worn at dual meets.  Since Ron McGraw routinely allows this variance by providing a letter, extraordinary measures to bring this attire into compliance are probably not called for. The competitors in most cases should be allowed to compete with the understanding that a letter from Ron for the meet referee should be obtained allowing the variance for any subsequent meets. It was also recommended that common sense be used in these situations. This generated some discussion, but the NFHS rule application regarding uniforms and equipment is relaxing some with IHSA approval as a reflection of the times. As an aside to this it was noted that, although unusual, a team may forfeit a meet if it chooses to.  Officials are in no position to disallow a forfeit if that is what the coach wishes to do.


Bill Bavirsha offered observations on the use of track start wedges on blocks with the emphasis on deck safety. Betty Burfeind gave input on her personal experience. Having the coach responsible for their swimmer’s use of these devices seems a reasonable practice at this time.


Ballots for Romsted-Drumm Award were accepted and Tom Kite is this year’s well deserved recipient.


Motion to adjourn was made by Steve Fedota, and seconded by Glen Clayton. Motion accepted and the meeting adjourned at 10:17 am.


Respectfully submitted,

Mark Anderson